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Hello, my name is Julien Lambé and I live in Arlon, Belgium. I’m a web / UI designer and web developer.

I help S.M.E and entrepreneurs to produce a unique website, with a well-defined visual identity, in order to extend their products, their services, their customers from local to global, to refine their credibility and improve their accessibility on the web.

Well before dedicating myself to the web and application development, I was convinced that I will work for a video game studio as a 3D modeler. However, after following a general education in Hornu LeSite I got more interested in web development. After an animated film and 3 years working on various web and video projects  in an audiovisual communication studio, I decided to develop my skills in web / ui design and web development.

Today I pursue a career as a freelancer, trying to be up to date and follow trends in technology, art and about web development. I have a weakness for buying a ton of books on programming, design, music and interactive design aka Processing.

In my family, we have always been independent. My mother ran a local grocery store owned by the family since 1920. My father is the one who developed the family business, always to innovate or improve services. He bought one of the first computers where I had spent my time tweaking my first command line. Thus I began my passion for video games and new technologies.

From now on I still continue to learn new techniques and improve my services. If I’m not in front of my computer, you can find me cooking, with a preference for pastries, playing Uncharted (and others), scratching my acoustic guitar and breaking bones at Karate . It’s also possible to see me mountain biking on Sunday morning when I can get up …

Meanwhile, I am available to work with you and I’d love to discuss your project, so let’s talk!

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